Audit 303: Internal Controls - Required Communications
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central
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Internal Control Deficiencies and Other Matters - Adding Value Through Required Auditor Communications will help the auditor with understanding how to improve required internal control communications to be more value-added from the perspective of the client. Professional and regulatory audit standards require communication of internal control matters noted in a financial statement audit. This assists management and those charged with governance with satisfying responsibilities for designing, implementing, maintaining, and monitoring internal controls. In addition, in order to retain existing clients, lower fee pressures and gain invaluable referral sources, financial statement auditors must place a priority on being a value-added business advisor.

Note: This course is recommended as a part of a 16-hour audit skills curriculum for in-charge or supervisor auditors, while it is also appropriate for anyone who has responsibilities for communicating internal control related matters to the client.

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